Please help me find my attacker


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71 responses to “Please help me find my attacker

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I sincerely hope this guy is caught and justice is served. Although, i’m not one who believe’s that our Justice system really doe’s punish perpetrator’s! I hope you all make a full recovery. This is disgusting!

  2. Louis

    Where are the details? I just see the video.

    • Hi Louis,

      They should be underneath but in any case, here they are:

      On Sunday 14th October, 2012, a stranger attacked my boyfriend, my friend and myself on Forster Road in Clapham, around 1.30am. He looked to be in his late thirties, wearing a striped top with a body warmer/ gilet. If you know ANYTHING at all, please get in touch. Thank you x

  3. Rachel so sorry to hear what happened and I sincerely hope this guy is caught and punished!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. A truly awful incident. Who knows though, maybe the power of social media can get the word out there and bring this psychopathic coward to justice.

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  6. I am SO SORRY this has happened to you! You’re absolutely right, there’s no right thing to say! I remember when my brother got beaten up, I imagined HUNTING the guys down and doing some serious retribution on them…but they never got them! Which makes me so angry, as they NEVER GOT CAUGHT! You’re not alone my love! Karma will get him in the end….I HOPE!

  7. dave

    it’s no concelation but i have two rods in my leg after shattering my ankle and femur and had to learn to walk again. it hasn’t stopped me using my leg in any way. i had massive bolts through my leg that had to be removed months later.

    let’s hope they find this guy nonetheless.

  8. Kat

    Shared, tweeted, Facebooked, the lot. I hope he’s caught, and well done on such a measured post.

  9. Emma

    Absolutely disgusting. This is why I left south London – I was “lucky” as I never suffered violent assaults but constant harassment, mild sexual assault, intimidating youths etc, being mugged once. Moved to a different part of London north of the river to the west and it’s far better but for how long? And it’s far more expensive though I’d rather pay than have to live where I did (near where your attack happened). This is how London is going now. How can a human being do this to another human being???

    I really hope you and your companions recover soon not only from the injuries but on the psychological effects this kind of attack must have. I hope you can get support if you need it too.

    • Alleena

      “constant harassment, mild sexual assault, intimidating youths etc, being mugged once”

      Emma this all happens in other parts of London. Don’t tar South London as a “bad place” a tag it constantly gets due to its socio economic and ethnic mix. A vicious and terrible assault such as this could happen anywhere in London

      • Emma

        Maybe, but none of it has happened to me since I moved to West London nor do West London friends complain of it. I’ve not seen any intimidating behaviour in months here and I live on a main road. In South London it was a regular occurrence. Just my experience.

        But it is absolutely horrible wherever it happens and I think London as a whole is becoming a more dangerous and frightening place to be. I feel on edge when I’m out anywhere beyond my local area. Hope this attacker can be found and I wish Rachel and her friends all the very best in their recoveries.

    • Hannah

      Sorry Emma but I have to take issue with this. I grew up in London and the only place I have been a victim of street crime was in one of the ‘posher’ areas outside my parents’ front door.

      I now live in a different area with a very bad reputation and have never had the slightest trouble, touch wood. Don’t label any one part of London as more dangerous than another – it not only stigmatises certain areas unfairly, it creates a false sense of security in others.

      • Emma

        Hi Hannah, I take your point and agree. I was wrong – but was just speaking as a non Londoner who grew up in a quiet town, found my first experiences in London awful, and am now somewhere which seems safer. But you’re right, in a city like London crime is a risk everywhere. And thanks for the message too as it’ll probably get me back on guard in the area I now live, where perhaps I’d become too relaxed about crime etc!

        I do think that London in general is becoming increasingly dangerous though, and police numbers being so low and being further cut isn’t going to help that.

  10. kewtweets

    Really shocking and all the more so because of seeing the state you have been left in. I think you should show the police your video, you arenot just a statistic, you are a victim of crime as is your boyfriend. Hope you recover soon (take Arnica for the bruising it helps).

  11. I’ve blogged about this at and am tweeting this and your film to anyone I think may help. Fingers crossed.

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  13. Emma

    You have amazing strength to post this! Unfortunately, I can’t help as I wasn’t around Clapham but I will be posting this on my facebook in the hope that someone will recognise the description of the attacker. I wish both you, your boyfriend and your friend a full and speedy recovery xx

  14. As far as I’ve seen or read, the motive seems unclear. Did he mug you, take anything or try to? If simply a random assault, paranoid schizophrenia / some kind of serious mental illness could be possible. Not attempting to forgive or apologise for the act; just rationalise. Always shocking to hear about, even if it’s someone you’ve followed on twitter for ages but barely interacted with. Sounds an awful thing to go through. Stay strong and best of luck with the recoveries.

  15. This is horrendous. So sorry it happened to you. This guy MUST be caught. Good luck.

  16. Talisa

    Very pleased to see that you’ve taken this into your own hands to find this idiot. It’s very inspirational and I almost want to do the same. I was attacked in Switzerland in January by a man who wanted my bag. He dragged me on the floor then stamped on my leg and broke my ankle. I’ve had a steel plate and 6 screws put in and now another operation to get them taken out. He didn’t even get my bag! I would love to find him and show him how much pain and suffering he has put me through for the last 10 months, it’s incredibly upsetting to know that the police aren’t bothered about looking for my attacker so i’ll never find the person that did this to me and justice won’t be served. I wish you every success in finding this guy and I hope the police buck up and do something about it and I wish you all a speedy recovery.

  17. I stumbled across this via twitter and really hope the individual responsible for this is caught…no one deserves this kind of mindless attack, I hope you recover from this in time. And in addition to that, keep on with the blog too, it’s great! Best, A

  18. Lucie Moore

    There is no reason yourself,your boyfriend or your friend should ever have to justify this disgusting example of human behavior to anyone. It’s amazing you’ve made this video in such a calm and eloquent fashion and the scum who did this you deserves to pay witness to the fact his vile actions have long-term consequences to innocent people. Cannot believe he is still on the streets after such a violent attack on complete strangers, nevermind females – absolutely mindblowing.
    Passed this video on to everyone I know in a hope the police will eventually realise they are not doing their job by attempting to simply pass you off with “we’ll be in touch”
    Hope yourself, your boyfriend and your friend have a full and safe recovery and that this fucking horrid incident doesn’t affect you all in future.
    Best wishes from the Midlands! xxx

  19. I hate London. Spent ten years living there, moving to Brighton was the best thing I ever did.

  20. Jo

    Hi I am so sorry about what happened to you, I had to attend court back in August after being assaulted, but he was let off, and I was made to feel like I was the one on trial! I hope your attacker gets found and justice is served for you! Best of Luck!

  21. Jeff

    I hope this guy is caught. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I wish you and your friends a speedy recovery.

  22. Paul Unwin


    This is a terrible story but your video clip is a brilliant and brave piece. I hope your boyfriend and you recover fully.

    Yours truly


  23. Andrea King

    Hi im so sorry and will repost your link , just one question did you used to live in Wales as your face is very familiar

  24. T Warren

    Thanks to Catlin Moran for the Rt, this will blow up hopefully and get the attention it deserves. Tragic to watch this, feeling very sorry for you all. We moved out of S London 1yr ago and have never looked back. Lived v.close to Forster rd. The level of crime and lack of feeling for people in that area is chilling.

    • Emma

      I agree with that. I really felt constantly intimidated and unwelcome, it was the first place I lived in London and I was shocked.

  25. Ben Birkinshaw

    Welcome to the world. The police are useless, corrupt twats & this happens every minute of every day in this country & everywhere else on the planet.

  26. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. You and your friends have my sympathies and I wish you all a speedy recovery. I do hope that sicko succumbs to justice.

  27. 4tea2

    I’m really sorry this happened to you all. I’m glad you’ve spoken up with a video. I hope it helps.

  28. John

    The only good thing you can take from this disgusting experience, is the knowledge that one day this sicko will try the same thing with the wrong person, then he will feel what you feel now. Sorry to hear and chilling to know this goes on. All the best to the three of you,and stay strong.x

  29. Lucy

    Can’t help feeling how similar this was to the final episode of “Good Cop” which aired on Saturday evening…. mindless thug… keep pestering the police to investigate – there are so many CCTV cameras that he should be discovered at some point!

  30. Anon

    What triggered him to attack you? Did you get in an argument over something before he unleashed?

  31. girlandthoughts

    This is awful! I came across your blog via @CaitlinMoran. I hope all three of you make speedy recoveries and that whoever did this is found. I shall do my bit and reblog. X

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  33. I am really sorry to hear about the attack. I hope the three of you recover fully from this.

  34. girlandthoughts

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    Please share this post to help find whoever attacked Rachel and her friends.

  35. SamabboSamuel

    Karma will catch up with this low life! Well done for posting this, hope you make swift recoveries, and move on with your lives. Best vibes to you all.

  36. Roger Cole

    Hi Rachel,
    I live in Norwich so can’t be of any help in finding your attacker. I do send my sympathy to you and your friends though and I sincerely hope this man is caught.

  37. Nick

    Very sorry to hear this. I agree with the person who moved to west London. I’m a south London native and I remember it as a very violent and tense quarter. I’ve lived in west London for 25 years and it’s another world.

  38. eyebright

    Horrific … so sorry to hear about your experience. also horrified (yet not too surprised) that you aren’t getting better support from the cops. Hope you all get better soon. Good luck.

  39. Rodney

    Sorry this happend to you. And it is vile disgusting individuals in this world need ther balls chopping off!! …. But.. What do you want the police to do? U say look into it more, how? The police are over stretched as it is, especially with all the benefit scrounging piss heads that walk this earth, please dont slag off the police, just because your unfortunate inciedent doesnt take priority over severity inciedents, that police can actually follow up and bring people to justice!

  40. TDom

    Don’t know about your policing over there (I’m in the states) but, as you say, this is not likely a first time for this guy. At some level he is already known to the police; you just have to make them dig it out. You need to stay after the police and insist that they assign a detective to this case. This is “assault with intention to do great bodily harm” as a minimum and arguably “attempted murder”. You must insist that this not be treated as some weekend dust up at bar closing time. Additionally, most cities in the US have web sites that list crimes that have occurred as displayed on a map with time and dates. You may have the same there. If there have been other such assaults that have occurred, and you can contact the victims of those, possibly you’ll find your guy is a serial offender. Even if it’s not the same guy, you’ll do more to attract the attention of the police to solve some of these cases if you’re part of a larger group. Remember, in the end, the police are just civil servants and what is most important to them is what is most important to their bosses. Make this important to them. Act up!

  41. I am really sorry to hear what happened to the three of you, I hope you are feeling already better. There is no explanation for such act, and this can make you feel very vulnerable. Therefore your blog is a great idea, as you are not hiding as a victim, and speak up your mind. And it also enables discussions as we do not talk enough about such things, aggression falling more often in institutionalised discourses and as you say ‘statistics’. Hope you will find the culprit very soon…

  42. I am really sorry to hear what happened to the three of you, I hope you are feeling already better. There is no explanation for such act, and this can make you feel very vulnerable. Therefore your blog is a great idea, as you are not hiding as a victim, and speak up your mind. And it also enables discussions as we do not talk enough about such things, aggression falling more often in institutionalised discourses and as you say ‘statistics’. Hope you will find the culprit very very soon…

  43. I feel angry for you Rachel, so very angry. As a victim of a mugging three years ago by two men with a knife as I walked to a train station on my way home from work, I can more than connect with your experience. I was “lucky” in that I escaped physically unharmed and missing only my handbag (which had nothing of note in it anyway) but the affect it had and continues to have on my mental well-being trapped me for a long time after they’d discarded my belongings and moved on to the next person (approx 30 mins later so the police said).
    I can’t offer any words of comfort which don’t sound contrived, but I hope you and your boyfriend find a way to get back on track. And you will. Don’t let that bastard win.

  44. Utterly disgusted – not just at the lack of interest the police have shown but also that “people” think that isn’t acceptable to behave in this way. I hope he’s caught and that you get justice!!

  45. Hope you and wolverine fully recover both physically and psychologically. Shit happens! I would like to think they get the guy so you get justice and others are protected. Regardless, with the love and support of family and friends, you come across as the type of person who will immerge from this more resilient empathetic and righteously stronger. I salute your courage and wish you well.

  46. Amy

    Just watched your video and totally agree – I’m sick of our culture blaming the victims of crime whilst glazing over the perpetrators disgusting behaviour, which should be the main focus. I wish you and your boyfriend a full recovery and I hope this sick man is caught. All the best.

  47. I am sick of both the perpetrators, and our current society which justifies violence and moral depravity.

    It is time we had a slightly more civil society.


  48. mr k

    Why did he attack you? Were you arguing?

  49. Greg Smith

    We need to remove laws which prohibit civilian ownership of rocket propelled grenades and mobile surface to air missiles to enable our patriots to overthrow the state in the event a tyrannical government takes power.

  50. Sadiq Khan MP

    Dear Rachel

    I am sorry to hear of your traumatic incident. I hope you, your partner and friend are recovering quickly.

    I know the incident took place outside of my constituency, but I believe that you live in Tooting. If this is correct, as your MP I would be happy to raise this incident with the Lambeth Borough Police Commander on your behalf if you think that would be helpful.

    To discuss this with my office please call 0207 2195820 and speak to a member of my staff.

    Best wishes
    Sadiq Khan MP

  51. Allie

    What a dreadful thing. I hope this psycho is caught and punished and I hope you, your friend and boyfriend all make full and speedy recoveries. What a sad world we live in

  52. David

    Hi did he say anything during the attack or could you think of any possible motive also have the police checked the CCTV in that area at the time? Also do you think it has affected you psychologically as in your confidence to go out. I hope they catch the guy sounds like a scumbag.

  53. I was born in Gibraltar but was brought up in the Midlands and lived in London for a while, (an army daughter) I now reside in Wales 🙂 I hate to think of what you went through. The physical pain will heal, Just don’t let this scar you otherwise. You seem a well rounded person and i’m pleased that you are focusing on catching the morons that hurt you all..Hope they catch him very soon… Karma is a wonderful thing. I hope they get theirs soon xxxx

  54. So sorry for your pain!. I think I must live in a bubble because I don’t hear of things like this happening unless it’s in the capital area. It seems that these animals assume that it’s OK to attack people in this way, when they at least expect it but unfortunately we live in dangerous times. The police are under attack because they don’t do enough but if we’re honest, we know they just don’t have the resources to follow up on incidents like this. There are so many reasons why this may have happened and it’s only known to one person but we all have opinions and I certainly have mine, which I can’t print because I would b breaking some law or other!!!!. When I go into town late on in the day and I may be in a road that’s quiet, I feel scared, as though I’m expecting something bad to happen. I never used to feel like that, ever but as I say, times have changed and with so many drug addicts about and other persons, I don’t think that we’ll feel safe ever again. So if you’re out and about as you were do expect the worse. It happened in broad daylight at a premier football match. So what does that say and what can we do about it?.

  55. London is a superb city with a wide diverse wonderful culture. People…individuals… Scum!! like this are destroying the fabric of this society. Lets hope he is brought to “justice”

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