Good luck, tomorrow’s world

This evening, I’m feeling really, really sad for the next generation. Why? Because my experience of them today would suggest that they’re all raging morons. Complete and utter fucking morons.

This afternoon I encountered a scrawny oik deliberately intimidate an unsuspecting woman by stepping into her path and barking directly into her face. She scurried off, and the brat fell about laughing. ‘Ah mate that was well funny!’ he shouted at his friend, who was also dragging his knuckles on the ground.

Then, after getting off the Tube I passed by a group of teenage girls strutting down the road with their arses hanging out of too-small hotpants and faces glistening like billiard balls under the weight of a pan-full of makeup and poorly-applied false eyelashes. One of them lobbed an empty bottle on the street, literally two feet away from a bin. She caught my eye, and this is how the conversation went.


Her: What, bitch? Problem?

Me: Yeah, why don’t you put that in the bin?

Her: If you’ve got a fucking ISSUE with it why don’t you pick it up?

Me: Why don’t YOU fucking pick it up and put it in that bin which is RIGHT THERE?

Her: It was all sticky, innit. I’m not fucking holding that. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A CUNT?


Slow claps all round, then.

Today no less than 12 of my friends plastered pictures of their (for now) adorable kids all over Facebook. I wonder how many of them will end up like the interminable shits that I presently want so much to punch in the face?





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3 responses to “Good luck, tomorrow’s world

  1. I work with this every day. I’d like to say it’s hugely rewarding. *deadpan face*

  2. Jo

    I genuinely hate these people. Not nearly enough people call them out on their behaviour either, the little shitbags.

  3. I feel it also. What will that generation turn out like? I look at certain folk (y’know the ones I mean right?) And just think, what the fuck are you doing with yourself? What pisses me off the most, is that our taxes are more than likely supporting their lifestyle. Not like people like that have a job now is it.

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