Conversations with letting agents

‘Did you know this window was open? And that it’s been raining?’

‘I can see that it’s raining, yes. I did not know about the open window. This is not my room.’

‘Well could you please ensure that windows are kept closed when it’s raining? Especially these wooden framed ones.’

‘Okay, well I’ll let her know.’

‘Yes, it’s very important. Please ensure the windows are closed when it rains.’

‘Yes. I’ll pass the message on.’

‘If you’re aware that there are open windows during periods of rain, perhaps you could close them on behalf of the other people living here?’

‘Yes, perhaps I could.’

‘You work from home, don’t you?’

‘Yes, most days.’

‘That must be very convenient for you.’

‘Uh huh.’

‘Now, which room is this?’

‘This is a bedroom.’

‘But which one?’

‘Sally’s bedroom?’

‘No, on the plans, which one is this?’

‘The biggest one?’

‘No, it is one, two, three or four?’

‘I don’t know. It’s the master bedroom.’

‘*Sigh* Okay, that will do I suppose.’

‘Do you need to see anything else? I’m afraid I have some work to get on with.’

‘Oh that’s nice. Keeping you busy and all that.’

‘Uh huh.’

‘Well enjoy your project. And don’t forget about the windows.’




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