Rachel tensions

Last night some friends and I went to a party in Canada Water. Afterwards we got a taxi back to Tooting, and decided to go to the 24-hour Londis to get some frozen pizzas, rather than head to the late-night kebab shop where there’s usually trouble at that time of night. Mistake.

As Himself and I stood at the counter, the door slammed open and in stumbled a bloke not much taller than me, but very muscular, carrying a kebab and clearly drunk out of his tree. Because of the noise he’d made smashing into the shop I looked over and caught his eye. He then squared up to me and spat: “Yeah, I’m black. Problem?”

I said no, and that I was looking at him because he’d nearly taken the door off the hinges as he’d thundered in.

“Well,” he replied. “Unless you’re going to suck my dick or bend over for me, don’t fucking look at me.”

I weighed up the pros and cons of pursuing this, and concluded that I was too tired to deal with him. Plus I had friends with me, and had had a good night, so I just ignored him. Until he started throwing bits of his kebab at the back of my head.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I said as I walked out. And he followed, still throwing chips and pieces of meat at me.

“I know who I am! And I’m black, you little white cunt,” he spat in my face. “Do you wanna suck it? You’d like that, eh?”

At this point he was inches away from my face, spitting rancid kebab over me as he carried on with his tirade. “Yeah I’ll spit on you if I want,” he laughed. “And what are you going to do about it? Call the police, white girl? You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Go on. Call them. They won’t do anything.”

At this point, a big group of people had assembled around us. Mainly his friends, I assume, since they were laughing, egging him on, and one of them was filming the whole thing on his phone. “I will fuck you up,” he shouted, before someone grabbed his arms.

And then came the tedious and age-old “Leave it Rachel, it’s not worth it”.

But this is the problem. It absolutely is worth it. Last year I witnessed (and was forced to deal with) a hideous teenager threaten a terrified woman on the Tube. Only a few months ago I got into an argument with a woman who made loud and disgusting racist comments against an Eastern European woman in a shop packed full of kids.

How can there exist a culture whereby a group of men can surround a girl and make disgusting, derogatory and threatening comments, and yet she is the one told by the surrounding population to “just leave it” in the knowledge that actually yes, the police probably wouldn’t do anything? Because people are cowardly and do “just leave it”, when actually they should get in the face of the offending scum and stick up for themselves. If I hadn’t adhered to the bleats of my companions – one of which whom actually apologised to this asshole in an attempt to defuse the situation – I would have stood there in the hopes that he actually had tried to “fuck me up”, because then I could have legitimately kicked his head in – or at least tried to, which would have made me feel a Hell of a lot better. Instead, I went home shaken, furious and upset. He went home with an inflated ego and the admiration of his peers.

This is not even an issue of race. That the guy was black never even crossed my mind until he started ranting and raving about it. This is an issue of entitlement and a skewed ‘political correctness’ that gives scum – from all demographics – an upper hand, and renders the social existence of regular people, who are just trying to buy a damn pizza on a Friday night, completely invalid. Because these people do “just leave it”, because they don’t want to get involved, or are afraid, or can’t be bothered. And so it just goes on and on.



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7 responses to “Rachel tensions

  1. Adrian

    Sounds like he was looking for trouble. He wanted to screw with someone and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    But the good news is, one day someone will beat the shit out of him. He will pull his nonsense on someone who can end him with a tap.

    And the world will hold hands and dance in the fields.

    • There’s no doubt in my mind that he was just looking for a fight, and that it could’ve been me or anyone else. But it probably wouldn’t have been a bigger, tougher bloke, would it? He found what he perceived to be a ‘weakling’ to pick on, which he’ll just do time and time again. So no-one’s ever going to beat the shit out of him, and he’ll just float through life being ‘the man’. That’s what makes me so angry.

  2. Bloody hell. All I seem to hear from the UK these days is awful stories like this.

    I sometimes think the worst thing about incidents like this are the subsequent revenge/retaliation fantasy scenarios you play out in your head (usually in the shower) for weeks afterwards.

    I would say “move to NZ, we don’t have that”, but it probably isn’t true. Still, the scenery’s very nice.

  3. Gareth

    I’m so disgusted with every part of this story and I’m sorry I wasn’t there because I’d have smashed the cunt’s face in, called the police or both. And you’re right about not ‘leaving it’ – the guy’s probably already known to the cops for this sort of behaviour, and if he isn’t then he should be. And if it wasn’t one of your lot who called then the owners if the kebab shop should, because I sure as hell don’t let abuse like that go on in my hotel.

    Anyway, I hope you’re alright hon. As someone who has to take weekly doses of screaming abuse as part of his job I know what it’s like. Big hugs to you, you’re one of the best ones.

  4. Disgusting behaviour 😦 Sad and sorry to hear it happening. Colleagues and friends ask me why haven’t I moved to London yet (my office is in the West End). Well, it’s things like this. And the feeling of knowing that the bad guys are winning.

  5. Rich

    Living in London isn’t all like this you know. This could happen in any 24 hour supermarket in the wee hours in any dodgy neighbourhood of any major UK city. Hopefully the main obnoxious arsehole character with try the same shit with someone even more aggressive than him on the wrong night and recieve the kicking of his life

  6. This makes me so angry. I would have struggled not to kick off, and imagine that, in the same situation, me and my friends would have got ourselves into rather a spot of bother as a result. But that’s why – as stupid as it sounds – you and your mates did the right thing by taking the upper ground. These people love a response, they wait all night for someone to look at them funny. They’re fucking idiots, and we are better than them.

    But that doesn’t stop you wanting to stoop right down and kick the monkeys out of them anyway.

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