2 responses to “300 Days of Freelancing

  1. £600 in your first month?! Crikey! I know it’s rather a problem when your rent is £600 but I made just over *half* that in mine, and I know people who’ve made £100! (e.g Linda Jones from the JournoBiz forums, who wrote the book ‘The Greatest Freelancing Tips in the World’ – she was married then, of course, not living on her own!). You’ve done so well. I’ve been struggling to get back on my feet since the double-curveball of losing my friend and being made a complete idiot out of over a huge story in the same week of July, and I feel more or less back at square one. But everything you’ve said rings so, so true. Well done for nailing it!

  2. Anna Miller

    Very funny! sounds like you are going to have many good years ahead of you, you’re a good writer and ahead of the game as far as blogging and community management are concerned. Thanks for writing and making me laugh.

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