People on the Tube

I have become obsessed with watching people on the Tube. What shoes are they wearing? Who are they with? What’s that book? And so on.

Perhaps the biggest draw to my magpie eyes is whether or not they’re wearing a wedding ring. I don’t know why that fascinates me so much. I suppose if the girl in front of me with bad hair or the guy next to me with serious B.O. can find love then there’s hope for us all.

But what surprises me is the number of people who are so absorbed in their book or crappy music (yes, I can hear it. It’s shit), that they barely register what’s going on around them. The hushed arguement between a pair of friends. The fondness with which a father looks at his sleeping son. The lechy businessman sneaking a perv at a girl in a short skirt. The coy hand-holding between a new couple.

All these little snapshots into the psyche of society, completely overlooked. No book is as good as that.

Incidentally, for an illustration of people on the Tube, check out my good pal Becky’s blog, aptly named People on the Tube.



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2 responses to “People on the Tube

  1. Get yourself this:

    Preferably the 1p second hand edition.

  2. I’m 0ne of those annoying ‘absorbed in my book’ people. But, then again, I don’t get the hustle and bustle of the tube. I get the Swansea line and, let’s face it, there’s nothing pretty about watching the people on that.

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