Friday Floating

For the last 15-odd months, Fridays have been pretty exciting for me. I wasn’t sky-diving or rallying or anything like that, you understand, but I guess I was just more susceptible than most to ‘that Friday feeling’. Work over, free time with my loved ones and, certainly towards the latter part of the period, hopping on a train to visit some of the more important people in my life.

So up until today, I hadn’t properly felt any massive shift in my routine, having essentially turned my life upside down last week. Sure, I’m in a new house in a new city, but that doesn’t faze me. But it’s Friday afternoon and I’m in no rush to pack for the weekend, or catch a train. I’ve no excitable anticipation of the forthcoming two days. I’m just sat at my desk, thinking about what needs doing next. No urgency. No self-imposed deadline. I could sit here until midnight and it wouldn’t make any difference to anything.

It’s very unsettling.

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  1. When the pressure comes off (ha!) sometimes I just sit at my desk and zone out. It used to worry me that I could slip in to a place of almost-but-not-quite semi-consciousness. Or maybe I’m just a bit mental.

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