Hipsters and lollipops

Feeling pretty upbeat this evening. Had a productive  meeting this morning with a lovely lass about some potential work, and tonight I spent a couple of hours floating around Camden, whereupon I discovered The Wheelbarrow and The Devonshire Arms. The former is a pretty standard pub/bar affair with a decidedly indie/hipster bent (live bands every night, no entry fee – score), the latter a pretty intense alternative bar, which suits me down to the ground as I do have a bit of a weakness for a nice bit of metal. It’s grimey, smells like piss and all the blokes look like ambiguously hairy lollipops found down the back of the sofa, but the tunes are excellent and there’s a decent range of ales (or so my drinking partner informed me – I haven’t a clue).

Probably won’t go back wearing a flowery dress again though.

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One response to “Hipsters and lollipops

  1. Ah, but you do like a bit of a hairy lollipop lookalike, so you do.

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